My soul craves wildness.

Black caps from the thicket behind my cabin open themselves into my mouth. They flood the flavor of love and the smell of bark.

Their juice is deep purple.

Something in those little berries contains a whole universe. It is not only a good taste, there is something more. Something we are seeking without knowing it.

We find it in that taste of the wild earth. When we imbibe it, we are reminded of our animalhood, and we begin to remember the dance of our being. We no longer feel dismissed by the world, but cherished by it. We regain our wonder.

All that in one berry.

I am here to guide you on a tasting journey from the spirit of our food to the calling of our souls. We will plunge into the depths of this world and discover hidden mines of wisdom in what we eat. We will learn the sacred food ceremonies of the ancients. We will sit at the feet of kitchen sages and garden warriors. We will even learn to cook from the divine grandmothers of the kitchen. And finally, we will question our beliefs, dismantle our assumptions, and forge ourselves into masters of our own health.

Are you ready?

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