February Is… Chocolate Month!

Chocolate Month on Wild Heart Food

Announcing… Chocolate Month! That’s right, this February we will be devoting an entire moon cycle to chocolate and cacao. We’ve created a lot of exciting content that we hope you’ll enjoy. We’ve experimented with sweet and savory cacao recipes, delved into the dark secrets behind major chocolate producers (and found out how to buy ethically sourced chocolate), discovered why cacao is considered a superfood, interviewed a small, local bean-to-bar chocolatier, and quite a lot more. We hope you’ll join us for this adventure. If you’re not already subscribed, please do so below for the full experience:

We would also like your appreciation for not including any puns about “having a taste of…” or things being “sweet,” in this announcement. There may, however, be some puns made over the course of chocolate month. We are not liable for bouts of punny-ness, fits of anger, or injury as a result of these puns.

Nicholas Tippins

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